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Dr. Scott Fine has been practicing dentistry in New York City for 30 years. He has a successful general dentistry practice with a focus on cosmetic dentistry and implant reconstruction. He is a member of the American Dental Association, The International Congress of Implantology, The American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry, The American Association of Osteointegration, the New York State Dental Association and the New York County Dental Society.

On Patient Care:

What separates Dr. Fine from other practitioners is his focus on connecting with individual patients, learning from them and treating them in the most practical and pragmatic way.

Most of what I learn, I learn from my patients. Text books can only teach so much. Patients know their bodies better than anyone. Through communication, I can treat them in the best way, with kindness and care. I've handed out hundreds of Ionic ProClean toothbrushes and we've been getting unequivocally positive feedback.

On Ionic technology:

A study was done many years ago where I did my training. It showed how Ionics work at removing plaque. It changes the polarity of your tooth structure, allowing for a magnet-like effect so it actually repels the plaque.

The Ionic ProClean makes this incredible technology available at an inexpensive price.

On a practical level, there are things electric toothbrushes don't address. First of all, they are expensive. They can cost up to $150 with a $30 brush head replacement. They need to be changed 3-4 times a year, so that's a high cost to the patient.

No matter what your daily oral care routine, bacteria builds up in the mouth over 90 days. Most people can only afford to see their dentist for a cleaning once or twice a year, so finding a toothbrush that can take on plaque like the Ionic ProClean, can really help for those months between visits. And it's amazing that it costs less than ten dollars!

On other products:

There are sonic toothbrushes that are trying to create a pulse on the tooth. Spin brushes just spin the plaque into the enamel- nothing more. They stimulate the gums, but don't clean well enough. Electric toothbrushes can damage the teeth and gums- sometimes with too much pressure applied.

Ionic ProClean is the best toothbrush you can use for your teeth and gums without going in for a cleaning. Like a manual toothbrush, patients using the Ionic ProClean can regulate the pressure. Ionic ProClean is really the best thing out there. Nothing works better for your teeth and gums.

On the results:

With my patients who have tried it, we see unbelievable results. The best testimonial is from my hygienist. She has been working with me for more than 25 years and she is just amazed. Patients who have tried Ionic ProClean have healthier gums, with less bleeding. There is much less plaque than they had in previous visits, along with better breath and an overall healthier mouth.

I do believe in this product, and know it's a great tool for long lasting oral health, but I go more by what our patients say. They get better results and easier cleanings. That's all that matters. Since I started working with Ionic ProClean, I tell my patients, 'you don't have to spend more to get more'.

On discovering Ionic ProClean:

A college friend of mine introduced me to this product. He's an inventor and innovator. He saw the technology and turned it into Ionic ProClean. He's not a dentist, so he came to me for advice. Once I started using it, and my patients started to see the results, I knew we had something revolutionary on our hands; a reasonably priced toothbrush that can fight plaque and improve overall dental health. I really think we're onto something great!